Increase attendance of your on-site event

Many people have the misconception that live-streaming their events would result in a decrease in attendance of their on-site event. If you can watch it online, why would you bother paying for a ticket and going to the physical event? Makes sense, right? WRONG!

Having a live stream could be just giving the viewer a sneak-peek of your event. One of the biggest advantages of a physical event is getting to know other attendees and speakers personally. Connecting with others on a more personal level. This can’t be easily done virtually. This is why 30% of people who watch the live stream of an event will attend the same event in person the following year.

Provide a unique experience

What differentiates a live stream from other types of video content is that it is actually happening in real-time, live. If you make a mistake, you can’t cut it out in the edit. That makes the whole experience unique.

This makes the attendees feel like they are part of a community of like-minded individuals. Which can strengthen the bond between them and the event, or even better, the brand.

Engagement and Interaction

This sense of community that people get from watching a live stream also translates into more engagement and interaction. According to Facebook Live, people spend 3 times longer and comment 10 times more on live videos compared to standard, pre-recorded videos.

A great way to interact with your audience in live videos is to host Q&A sessions. This gives a chance not only to engage your viewers but to explain how your product, service, or brand can help them, which builds trust and authority in the topic.

Increase Brand Awareness

Live streams are also a great way for people to find out about your brand. People most often search for topics, not brands specifically. If you are talking about a topic that is interesting to the viewer, and they feel like the information or knowledge shared is valuable, there is a great chance that they will share with friends.

This can be a great way to get people to learn more about your product or service and makes it more relatable. Increasing the chances that your brand is the one they will refer to when someone is in need of the solution you provide.

Increase in Revenue

52% of marketers named video as the content type with the best ROI. This means that people know the power of video as a marketing tool. Live streams open up the possibility of partnering with other players in the industry to help promote both the topic and event.

Because the event is online, it can be broadcast worldwide, which also means that you can go after sponsors and partners for your event from anywhere in the world, helping to cover its costs.

Archive your event

Although the whole uniqueness of a live stream is that it happens in real-time, you can also record your broadcast and use it later in many ways. The recording can be used internally to learn what can be improved for the next events, or also used to build up interest in upcoming events.

Recordings of your live stream can make great marketing material, which brings us to our last reason.

Repurpose Content

If you are a marketer, you probably know how creating content is an integral part of the marketing strategy. We always need it. Sometimes coming up with ideas for new pieces of content can be a hard task. The great news is that your live stream can be used as a content fountain later on.

There is so much happening in an event. Many talks, maybe different products or services being presented, a number of speakers talking about different industry-related topics.

Well, guess what! All of these things can be repurposed as pieces of content to be used on different platforms. You can tweet the most impactful sentences of a talk, share video snippets on Instagram or LinkedIn, share specific talks on YouTube, or create a blog article with the main takeaways from the event.